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Guitar Hanger, The

No more leaning the guitar up against the couch

No more spending 5 minutes to dig cases out of the closet just to switch guitars

No more worry about pets or children knocking your guitar off the floor stand

Under the bed? You are not playing it enough!

Live in an apartment or dorm?

No more displaying your guitar to everyone who walks by

Great gift for the guitar player in your life!

Good for acoustic & electric, basses & 12 strings. Have a Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, Ibanez, Washburn, B.C Rich?

The Guitar Hanger fits almost all guitar necks.

Fits The Guitar Hero & Rock Star unit too!

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Abba's Music offers excellent sales and repairs to meet all your needs. We provide new and used instruments from brands that you trust. Our experienced and courteous staff repairs stringed instruments.